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What If by Jacqueline Scarlett


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Reality Bites!


What If by Jacqueline Scarlett is an account of a young man’s life and his quest to conquer every fine female he can. What if is your classic boy-meets-girl, boy falls for girl, boy sees another girl and so on and so on. This five year account of Trenton Hayes’ life is a refreshing well-told story and out of this world.


Trenton Hayes is a charismatic, young man who only wants one thing and that is what is between every woman’s legs. Trent does not know the meaning of faithfulness, or celibacy, but then again what do you expect from a high school boy who can have any woman he chooses. Meanwhile, Trents ’ friends all have steady girlfriends and are devoted and faithful; they cannot seem to understand why he likes to play the field so much. Trent is the master behind his own destiny, but when he meets Chanel, he loses all control of himself. On a quest to conquer Chanels’ heart, Trent finds himself at a cross-road; this girl is nothing like the others. Chanel is smart, naïve, and knows what she wants out of life, and it is not to be used by any boy.


Will Trent drop his many other girlfriends and be faithful to just Chanel? Can he turn in his player card and grow up to be the best man his family has taught him to be? Will Chanel give Trent her heart? The truth hurts. When Trent is faced with calling it quits with all of his girlfriends for Chanel, what happens next makes even Trent regret his previous actions towards women.


Faced with daily challenges to remain faithful has Trent at wits end, but little does he know that what goes around comes around. Hold on to your seat Trent and Chanel are in for a bumpy ride. Will Trent wake up in time and see the error of his ways, or will he wait and see if he can get away with cheating one more time?


What if by Jacqueline Scarlett is a well-told story by a twenty two year-old who has obviously seen her share of heartbreak. I could definitely relate to this story about growing up in high school, and I recommend this e-book to everyone especially today’s youth.


Reviewed by: Cheryl H


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